Youth Leadership Training – Seminars That Prepare Youth For Successful Leadership Internships


While leadership internships are unique opportunities for providing youth with experience and exposure, preparation is essential. Therefore, developing and delivering a series of seminars on internships is suggested. To assist you, this article recommends relevant subjects to cover in the sessions. Youth will gain vital information and increase their confidence.

Seminar Topics

  • Etiquette

Dedicate a session or two to covering etiquette. Do not assume that youth know what to do; many adults lack good manners. Plan a special event to teach dining etiquette. Review how to read a table setting. Give youth a strong dose of the basics. Use another session to deal with email etiquette, cell phones, voice mail, handshakes, and thank you letters.

  • Expectations

Outline the expectations of employers along with the expectations of the program. Even if the internships are volunteer, they require the commitment of teens. Hence, draw similarities between going to school and going to work.

  • Dress for Success

Stress the importance of dressing for success. The goal is to project a professional and positive image. Explain what is acceptable and what is unacceptable; clarify the meaning of business casual. Think about inviting a local retailer to do a presentation on how to mix and match outfits. Explore the possibility of bringing the teens into the store for an on-site workshop.

  • What it Takes to Succeed

Prepare a module on what it takes to succeed. Discuss what initiative is and give examples of how they can take initiative in the field. Likewise, discuss the importance of a good attitude, team work, and punctuality. Let youth know that they will be evaluated in these areas.

  • Communications

Responding to conflicts, dealing with difficult people, communication styles, and creative problem solving are some of the top picks to be placed on the agenda. At the same time, think about leading a session on grammar. Effective communications skills are always at the heart of the matter.

Preparation makes the difference. So, equip youth with the necessary information to have successful leadership internships. By discussing the items presented here, you will be taking critical steps to ensure that youth are ready and confident.


Source by Stephanie Harbin

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