Workplace Seduction Techniques – How to Get That Hot Co-Worker


So you want to know how to seduce a hot co-worker. It is understandable. You may spend more time with a female co-worker than you do with anyone else. It is natural to feel attracted to a female who you spend a long period of time in close proximity to. It is a dangerous business to pick up women at work. Mixing business with pleasure is not always a simple thing and you are going to need some steps to accomplish this.

Work place seduction techniques

Confidence is key to seducing that hot co-worker. If you want to pull off a workplace seduction you need to be fully confident in everything you do, particularly with your interactions with her. If you do not have confidence and assurance in yourself, she is going to see through you too quickly at work, when you are around her a lot.

If you are able to project an aura of confidence and assurance everything else comes easily. Be flirty with her, but not enough to make her feel uncomfortable. To seduce the girl at this stage all that is really needed is basically letting her know you are interested. You may have to be patient, but make sure you constantly reassure her: smile at her, be sensitive and show her that you are a calm and confident man. One thing to do is not to be too available. Flirting is great, spending some free break times with her is great, but timing every break to be with your hot co-worker reeks of desperation and you will not get anywhere.

How to close with the women at work

Closing is pretty simple. If you have been patient and consistently shown her a flirty yet casual manner, that is, it is simple. You simply wait for the right moment and ask her out. Be clear when you do it you are not asking her out in a co-worker but as a man. If she says yes, score! If she makes an excuse or says no take it easy. Just because she is not ready today does not mean she will not be ready tomorrow. Let her know that it is fine and keep trying methods of attraction on her. Chances are at some point the “right” moment will come and she will be yours.


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