When You Pull Away, He’ll Come Closer


You’ve got to be a bit sneaky. When a man’s interested in you, there are things that you can do to up his interest and increase his attraction.

But you’ve got to trust in the law of cause and effect and know how men work. This business of learning how to use attraction to your advantage is harmless. It has nothing to do with using a man or mistreating a man. Those kinds of things are for immature girls.

What you are doing is paying attention to how a man is responding to you in a way that you probably haven’t thought about before. If you are dating a man and notice that he gave you a lot of attention but becomes unresponsive, create a diversion by giving him a lot of space. This is the final and best frontier so to speak to get inside his mind.

You can use this in any of your relationships that you want a shift in energy flow in. If you notice that his attention is decreasing, don’t talk to him about it.

Create a diversion by telling the man who has interest in you that you’ll be busy for a number of weeks and will get back in touch with him when you’re free. Be fun about it and communicate in such a way that you show you still have interest in him. He’ll be thinking, “Busy doing what?”

But you’ll never tell.

This is what men understand. They understand busy and they get more interested in a woman who has more of an interest in her OWN life.

I don’t care what you have to do, just get a project going or do something other than hanging off the man. He’ll wonder…and wonder is very good for a man.


Source by Nicole Gayle

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