What is an Affiliate Mashup? – A Run Down of Script and Store


Affiliate marketing, social network creation and use, social bookmarking and video sharing sites have created an entirely new world on the web and an entirely new way to market. All of these sites pull together specialized content and to create an affiliate mashup means to bring together all these different types of content into a single location creating a significantly broader marketing base. As a result, traffic and potential earnings are greatly increased.

Basically what affiliate Mashup does is present a website that contains content from a variety of sources. These sources include places such as Amazon, Ebay, and Youtube. The content is pulled based on keywords. This is an essential part of the affiliate Mashup. It is what pulls together everything that is relevant to the website you are creating.

An affiliate Mashup store is one that employs all the content from affiliate sites such as the ones listed above. There are others and a quick internet search will provide you with a number of options. The above there, Amazon, Youtube, and eBay are the three most widely known.

There are many stores, which are starting to use this method not only to generate traffic but also to make the site more versatile and engaging for visitors. The idea is to encourage people to stay on the site, increasing the chance of a sale but also to tell their friends, family and associates.

The script behind Affiliate Mashup sites in order to embed the various aspects from the various sites and create the Mashup is fairly easy. You can find a number of pre written script that simply requires you to enter in your information. You will also need a certain level of account for example you will need a developer account on YouTube and accounts with eBay and Amazon. You may need to apply for script as well depending on the site the Mashup script is usually an API but may be found under affiliate store script.

To create an affiliate mashup store is not difficult and involves bringing together specialized keyword based content from affiliates. These affiliates usually have affiliate store script, which is designed to assist you in placing the relevant content on your page. This is where the term affiliate mashup came from. It is the combination of multiple types of content into a single location and designed for the purpose of generating traffic, which increases potential sales.


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