The ‘Frikik’ Queen of Turkey – Bailed Out By Celebrity Friends


Hülya Avsar revealed some seasonal cellulite, but got ‘bailed out’ by friends…

Starting with Gözcü Gazetesi on March 27th, the mainstream Turkish newspapers had a field day reporting “Hülya Avsar’s First Frikik” (which has become an Annual Rite of Spring) at a recent exhibition tennis match. Following Gözcü, came Takvim Gazetesi — whose reporters consulted no less than five of Turkey’s top female celebrities before presenting its own 2-part perspective, the very next day.

Takvim’s front page teaser-headline blared, “She’s got the courage to display reality!”

Its sub-text admired, “Hülya Avsar didn’t hide her cellulite — and she’s received complete support from peers for her bravery. Hülya Hanim has broken a taboo by openly displaying her cellulite, which is every woman’s worst nightmare.”

The praise continued in the newspaper’s ‘Page-Two Special’ with its large caps headline announcing “Support for Hülya Avsar!”

Beneath the headline we learned that camera photos (taken at a TED Club tennis exhibition match in Istanbul) revealed Hülya Avsar’s cellulite problem — and it caused quite a public stir. Super-Model Deniz Akkaya (appearing on the Magazin Mahkeme TV Program) had commented snidely upon seeing the cellulite photos. “Time is merciless,” she had simpered. And, at that point, 4 other female celebrities jumped to Hülya Hanim’s defense.

The 4 big-name Turkish Celebs had this to say:

Sibel Can (Actress, Singer, Dancer): Nothing can besmirch a name as famous as ‘Hülya Avsar’. And anyway, what’s the big deal? She doesn’t make her living as a figure model. She’s had a remarkable career these past 25 years and she’s still at the top of the heap. There aren’t many who can say that.

Ebru Salli (Model, Spokesperson): No matter what anyone says, Hülya Avsar is a very beautiful woman. I’m sure she’ll fix the cellulite problem with sports activity in a very short time. Cellulite is every woman’s misery.

Ipek Tuzcuoglu (Actress): Hülya Avsar has been photographed from every possible angle for years — because she’s in show business. She doesn’t consider these cellulite pictures to be earth-shattering. And, that’s a demonstration of her self-confidence.

Seren Serengil (Singer): The lighting may have been to blame. Photos taken when the sun is high, turn our differently than when it’s low. I saw Hülya a week ago at a swimming pool — and her body is far superior to many 20-year-old girls.

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