Stylish Women’s Watches For Formal Occasions


When dressing for a formal event it is important to accessorize appropriately. Over the top or overly casual accessories may send the wrong message or make you feel out of place. Making sure your accessories match the tone of your outfit is an important if seemingly minor consideration. In the past women have often forgone wearing watches to formal events, but that is no longer necessary as today there are several options for beautiful and appropriately formal watches. If you choose to wear a watch for your formal event there are three ways you can go with your watch; jewelry, statement and subdued. Once you have decided on which of the three you want to go with there are several options to choose from.

Jewelry watches are exactly what they sound like; jewelry pieces that have watch faces on them. Jewelry pieces range from bracelets that are indistinguishable from regular charm bracelets save for the extra charm with a watch face to almost regular looking watches that just happen to be on fancier bands. Certain watchbands may be, for example, a chain of hearts or circles attached to a regular watch. These watches, while slightly dressier than a normal watch, can quite easily be dressed down if you wish to wear them at a later time to a less formal event. When purchasing a jewelry watch you should attempt to match the bracelet part of the watch to the other jewelry you plan on wearing – if you wear lots of gold earrings you may want o avoid silver watchbands.

If you decide to go with a jewelry watch you must also decide if you want to wear it as a complementary piece to your other jewelry or alone. Either way works, though if you plan on matching it to a signature piece of jewelry, say a necklace or pair of earrings, you then need to make sure that the watch will complement your other pieces and not clash with them.

If you decide to go with a statement watch you will need to match your jewelry with your watch instead of the other way. For example, if you purchase a slightly larger dress watch with an interesting pattern on the watchband and a distinct color on the watch face you will want to make sure that your other jewelry is subtle and does not draw attention away from the statement your watch is making. Furthermore, it is quiet acceptable to wear little other jewelry when you chose to have your watch make your fashion statement.

Statement watches may be harder to dress down at a later time, as they often draw attention and, as the name suggests, make a statement. If you are looking for a watch for a formal occasion that you can wear at other times as well you may want to stay away from purchasing a statement watch. Certain statement watches will be able to be paired with, say, jeans and a tee or with business casual clothing, but you have to consider what occasions your watch will be appropriate for when purchasing your new timepiece.

The final type of watch that you can wear when attending a formal event is a subtle or subdued watch. These watches are the easiest to dress down, as they usually consist of a simple band and face. When wearing a subdued timepiece you must still match your other accessories in terms of color and style – a gold watch does not go well with a silver necklace, no matter how subtle the watch may be. Unlike jewelry watches, however, the subtle or subdued fancy watches require complementary jewelry far more often. Subtle watches are often smaller than jewelry or statement watches and may be better suited to certain people.

Subdued watches offer a classic and sleek look for more traditional women or events. Because of their classic looks they are easy to pair with jeans and a tee or even a business casual outfit and therefore can be worn for almost any occasion.

When shopping for a watch to wear to your next formal occasion remember that today there are more options than ever before. No matter the message you want to send or the outfit you plan to wear there is a formal watch option for you. Jewelry watches can make for interesting pieces, especially if you do not plan on wearing many other accessories. Statement watches are a fun and funky way to express yourself in a formal way. Subtle or subdued watches give a more classic look and feel and can be worn with a dressed down outfit for everyday use. Gone are the days of having to rely on others to keep the time at formal events. Whatever your personality, and whatever statement you want to make at your next formal event there is a watch for you!


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