Sticking to Your Clients With Sticker Business Cards


If you are in business, then you probably know how important business cards are for keeping in contact with your customers. But if you really want your business card to stick out, then you should consider making it a sticker! Here are just some ideas of ways that you can use stickers to your advantage.

Free Advertising

Remember that a sticker comes in two main parts – the part that actually gets stuck and the backing. The backing can contain your typical business card information – name, address, phone number, and so forth. The front can then be a removable sticker with your logo on it and an easy way to contact you such as a website. When the customer sticks the sticker, it acts as instant advertising wherever they go! Smaller stickers have more uses – they can go on notebooks, folders, flyers, and more.

Instant Reminders

Have a problem with clients making an appointment and then forgetting it, having to call back a few days later to confirm? Or maybe they are not showing up at all? One thing that you can do is to create a card with a peel away sticker that is the size of the average calendar square. This will allow you to pencil in the time of the appointment and other important information, such as the person they will be seeing, and the client can peel it off and stick it to their calendar as soon as they get home. No more forgotten appointments!

Stay in Touch

Ever have a hard time finding that business card when you need to reach someone? This is a common problem. But transferring names, phone numbers, and other contact information into an address book or day planner is annoying job, and one that often gets forgotten. If you make your business card a sticker, then clients can stick it directly into their address books so they always have your information. This can also be handy if you offer services on an “emergency” basis. Having a sticker format allows the client to stick your number to the phone or the front of the phonebook so they can call you whenever they have the need.

Personalizing Advertisements

If you are a salesperson, you may utilize your company’s advertising items to help make a sale. However, brochures and sales flyers often lack a personal touch, and at most will have a general phone number or website to contact for more information. With sticker business cards, you can stick your information to these preprinted materials, allowing clients to reach you personally when they are ready to buy or want to find out more information.

When you are in business, you have to make sure that you stay in contact with your customers. All too often sales people fail to make a lasting impression on the people with whom they speak. Business cards get lost and flyers get thrown away. By choosing to go with sticker business cards, you can help ensure that your clients will hang on to your information longer.


Source by Frank F. Salsa

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