Plantable Business Cards


Did you know you can now get plantable business cards? If you want to create a business impression, try handing this out in your next meeting or new prospective customer! It will definitely be a conversation piece and they will appreciate the fact that you are environmentally friendly.

This is a great way to promote that you are a green business owner. If you want to ensure the customer will have something to remember you by in the long run, you may consider handing out traditional cards in addition to these plantable ones.

You don’t have to be limited to using this as a business card however. You can be creative and use then for other things such as place cards, name cards, or even a little note card. Because they are convenient in size, people love to have them since they fit conveniently inside a purse or wallet. Most people will want to plant them and you will be the reminder to them each time they see the wildflowers blossom.

What an ingenious idea! A visual representation of your business through the form of plantable seed cards. It will make a lasting impression and one you can be proud of since it is healthy for our earth. It is also a unique idea so that will make you stand out from your competition. The plantable business cards come in a 4-color process ink which means you can have various color choices in the printing text and company logo. There are many seeds in one card and can bloom a nice bunch of flowers.


Source by Carole Galassi

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