Pashmina Shawls, Stylish Fashion Accessories And Perfect Gift Ideas


Pashmina shawls were first heard of in the Mahabharata era, which is an old Indian civilization dating back to around 3100 BC. All of these centuries later they are still a great fashion accessory for men and women. Why? Because apart from being stylish and attractive they are known to be strong yet delicate and warm but elegant.

Wool Collection

The history of the Pashmina is associated with the Tibetan people, who used to trade with Europe. The Himalayan Mountain’s goats called Capra Hirus are famous for providing this soft luxurious wool. Goats in the Himalayas are also known as shawl or Cashmere goats. This specific goat is found only in the areas of the Kashmir region, and famous as ‘cashmere’ in the West. The features of Pashmina wool are very unique and said to be six times finer than human hair. Because the wool is very delicate it has to be taken from the densely outer coat of the cashmere hair and mainly woven by hands.


Pashmina shawls have a wide range of styles, colours and patterns to choose from. All of those options make them very elegant when seen amongst other wool products. Men and women across the world wear Pashmina as a fashion statement and many consider the shawls or scarves to be one of their most liked and preferred accessories in their wardrobes.

Flexible Fashion

The best thing about Pashmina scarves is that they can be worn as an accessory to all type of clothes.

Business: One can be worn to soften a plain business suit or dress it up for evening wear.

Social: For formal or informal social events a luxurious shawl can look stunning, elegant and add that little something extra. Going to a Christmas or birthday party straight from work? Just add a pashmina to dress up your work outfit.

Casual: Even with a simple jeans and casual shirt outfit they look trendy and chic.

Stage: They are even popular wear amongst male pop stars, on and off the stage.

Weddings: For summer weddings they are perfect to make your outfit look more special. For winter weddings they add grace to your outfit and keep out the chill.

Wearing One

There are several ways that you can wear a shawl; you can drape one round your shoulders, round your neck or round your lower arms, even round your waist instead of a belt.


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