Parcel Delivery: Think Outside The Box!


Whether you’re an individual or a commercial business the need to send packets and packages nationally and internationally still exists and will continue to exist all the while consumer demands for goods being delivered to their doors is needed. In other words, there is little doubt that delivery and courier services will be around for many, many more years.

When you need to have a package delivered there are a number of pro-active steps you can take to make the whole procedure more cost-effective as well as making sure that a package is delivered to the correct recipient in a timely manner.

At holiday times, particularly in the run up to Christmas, you need to not only give consideration to the packaging inside the box to reduce the risk of your goods being damaged or broken, you also need to think outside of the box; namely the way you secure the outer boxing and correct labeling.

Firstly, the outside box needs to be secure fastening using the best means possible. Parcel tape is strong, robust and ideally suited for its purpose! All open seams need to be taped over, including the bottom of the box. Avoid using steel staples unless they are the type which are approved by the delivery service as these can be a health and safety hazard to those handing your box or package.

Secondly, you’ll need to ensure that labeling is correct. If you don’t have pre-printed labels then use a bold marker which is water-resistant to prevent smudging should you box be handled during the rain – smudged addresses reduce the chance of prompt delivery! Make sure that the full address is included, this also means any post or zip codes. It may also be a good idea to use a polythene or plastic cover which eradicates the chance of smudging. Avoid placing any labeling over seam joints as this can mean that the whole address becomes eligible should the parcel or package be opened by Customs.

A return address is also important. Should the delivery company be unable to deliver your package they will need a place to return the package to. Return addresses are best placed on the side of a box or reverse side of a flat package.

If you need your package to be delivered at or within a particular time scale you’ll need to make sure the delivery company are aware. Sadly many people become frustrated when their packages don’t arrive on time but unless you let the delivery company know it is doubtful that they will treat it as a priority. Opting for parcel delivery services which enable you to track the progress of your package online can give you the reassurance that the package is moving along through the various stages in a timely manner.

Paying additional costs for next-day guaranteed delivery will also ensure your parcel arrives on time. The cost of next-day delivery varies between delivery companies; as such, a few quick searches online will provide you with each companies delivery rates.


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