Oribi Vs Google Anaytics : Which Is Better?

When looking at the oribi.io ads on youtube, I had a basic but rough idea of ​​what the software was offering. Google Analytics, but with better and more actionable information, sounded great, but is it worth making a change? I could see google sell this change. Analyzing other software can be difficult for some marketing teams in your company or agency. Everyone loves good Google Analytics, right?

Oribi Review – Various Use Cases:

As a true website manager with a real interest in getting more visitors to your website, what can you really do with Oribi’s marketing analytics tool?

Example 1: I own an e-commerce shop.I want to know who my users are, how they react to my website, and why they don’t buy. In addition to surveying all website visitors, I can also do this on other platforms, but it takes a lot of knowledge about user behavior and analytics.

Do you have conversions? You can easily see where they come from on any analytics platform. The difference to oribi is that it shows you a multi-touch conversion analysis from the first touch to the final capture. That means you know which platforms are best for the conversion. but brand awareness and conversion also help. What is the difference between analysis and knowledge.

Missing conversions? See where website visitors fall into your funnel. It’s always like a trend.To see this information, take a look at your smart funnel. You can create funnels from pageviews, but also from button clicks that are automatically tracked (more on that later).

Oribi.io – Visitor Dashboard
Oribi.io – Visitor Tracking

Example 2: I am a marketing consultant and I use a website to share my portfolio and acquire customers. What features can oribi offer to get my job done and attract more customers? With any analytics tool, I can see how many visitors my website is getting each month, but to be honest, the simple number of visitors doesn’t mean much to me. I love them of course, but when someone visits my website I don’t consider them a real potential customer and I don’t make any money from their visit (I wish).

What interests me is to see the real behavior of the visitors to my website and their conversion paths. This information is the difference between a website where users leave the website and a website where users leave their contact details. , I want people to fill out my form and contact me. This follow button is my best friend and an indicator of interest.I also want to match the email addresses of potential customers with their journey through this website and a funnel to identify trends or areas of interest.

Example 3: I work in a marketing agency and my client has no idea what is going on on their website.

Usually a marketing agency spends some time reviewing the website reports and extracting some ideas from their knowledge. Then I take these ideas and put them on a customer slide deck or a similar PDF for the customer. Insights are pre-generated and I can adjust them accordingly so that the end customer has a clear idea of ​​what the result of our efforts was, as well as insights that help me support marketing decisions with data. Decisions, saves time through generated reports and happier customers. Better still, if you can combine these insights with some actionable campaigns from your agency, you will seriously surprise the end customer.

Oribi.io – screenshot visitors journeys aggregator

Comparing to Google Analytics 

Same set up but easier

To have analytics on your website, you need to adapt the header code and add the Google Analytics tracking ID. That means anyone can customize the header code on a website as long as they have an administrator. There are enough resources online for anyone to do this on their own. For the benefits you will see with oribi, it is well worth the 15 minutes you invest in this task. However, if you already have Google Analytics installed, simply replace this code or add Oribi if you want both.

The verification process with oribi is just as simple or maybe even easier than Google Analytics. Simply put, they check to see if the code is there, if not. No, you can understand why. It takes 24 hours to set up the account and oribi to give you some ideas.

Oribi review – easily create an event – no need for tag manager (hallelujah)

Event tracking a lot easier, seriously.

One of my least favorite aspects of Google Analytics is its reliance on Google Tag Manager.Once you believe you understand Google Analytics, you’ll need to customize it by adding tags that track activity, or hire a developer or in-house developer to do it for you. Either way, you are spending money on something that really shouldn’t be that difficult. All page views and button clicks are immediately tracked without the hassle of Google Analytics-Google Tag Manager.

All of the button tracking options can be a bit overwhelming, but the good thing is that you can pin certain buttons and see them better. For example if you have a button that you really want to track and analyze. For example my “Contact me” button on my website, which can be done in about 4 clicks with oribi. With Google Analytics, I would need a lot more than 20.

This page also allows you to group events together for very quick and easy reports for internal communication.

Better filtering options

If you are an ecommerce site owner, or frankly all website owners probably live for good solid marketing -Funnel. Even better than a simple funnel setup (they can be set through the event tracking I talked about earlier), it’s a filterable funnel setup. For example, a source filterable marketing funnel (the place where visitors come from your website) is about a few clicks.

Trend Analysis That Is More Than Just “More Or Fewer Visitors This Month”

Google Analytics gives you tons of “trends,” most of which I’ve found are practically useless. There’s nowhere to see these types of trends so I’ll just give a few examples that have helped me. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.

Funnel stats give you information like X% of visitors coming from (insert source) and X times more likely that they will run from (insert source). Pages visited statistics are great when you have multiple pages on your site and are curious about which pages are seen before a conversion and which pages provide the most useful information. their traffic comes from mobile devices ”. We talk about this information as well as information about which devices convert best in different situations and multi-device funnels.

Oribi.io – understand your funnels

The right mix of out-of-the-box and customizable

Things here might sound great, but for many, it might be too good or too simple to be true.If you’re like me, your first answer to software that claims everything is out of the box is, “Well, that means it’s not customizable”. This is not the case with oribi. There are many pre-built reports out there, some of which may not be 100% useful for everyone. The good thing is that they recognize this and allow some customization to better suit these features and reports to your needs.

Oribi Review – Event correlation tool that Google analytics doesn’t have


Google analytics can help you find your job when you need it, but Oribi simply offers better product support. It’s on the platform (pretty sure they are using intercom.io for that) and the responses are pretty quick. Google Analytics for startups, small and medium-sized companies.


It’s time someone ran google analytics for their money, but that means it has to cost an arm and a leg. I assure you that the software costs more than Google Analytics because it is free, but the price is something you can sell in-house and tracking your return on investment is pretty easy.

Oribi’s price is set per visitor / month depending on the type of your business. You divide it into “Business”, “E-Commerce” and “Agency”. The main factor (aside from the obvious advantages over Google Analytics) that sets this service apart is its monthly optimization calls and custom event support. That said, if you’re already paying for a Google Tag Manager freelancer or analytics consultant. Your costs will be counted towards your ROI. For me it is a strong argument for change and investment. In my opinion, it is what matters. If you’d like to shop around and see some of these features for yourself, there’s a free trial that unlocks all of the features. As with the t-account, it takes 24 hours to enter your details, but then you can see the full functionality.

Oribi Review – Conclusion

For those of you looking for a TL; DR, these are the highlights of this Oribi review. Google Analytics is good, but limited and confusing for many. If you’re frustrated with Google Analytics, then you should at least try Oribi. It’s a little easier to set up, but more importantly, the data is richer and easier to use. The trends and information you get from them are well worth the 24 hours it takes to get your website data. In e-commerce, marketing, or a marketing agency, there are several features in Oribi that will help you get real value and action points from your website analytics.

If you think this review has piqued your curiosity … then there is a way to check that it is the right tool for you

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