Love And Romance – Filipina Style


For a Filipina lady, the search for the right person to be her future partner with is a serious business because when she finally makes her choice and decides to marry, she considers it a life-long commitment.

Deep inside the heart of every Filipina woman is a dream to find the right man for her, one who shares and understands her thoughts and aspirations, who will complement her personality and who love her and be there for her all the time. In short she is looking for that other half where she was taken from to make her existence whole again but she does not want to look for that particular person on a trial and error basis.

When she enters into love and romance, she is looking for a man who will be with her and grow old together, not one who will leave her when problems or trials arise during the relationship.She will be there for you, not only when you are strong and healthy but when you grow old and sick, too.

When you start getting serious with a Filipina or when you take her for a bride, you must remember that there is no divorce in the Philippines. When things really do not go well between you both, you can only be separated through legal separation which allows you and your wife to live separately but may not remarry; through declaration of nullity where it is presupposed that the marriage is void from the start and the court declares it does not exist non-existence, and annulment where both spouses are restored to their single status after the marriage is legally cancelled.

With her natural romantic streak, you can be as imaginative and creative as you can in wooing your Filipina sweetheart because she will appreciate the things you do. You would not believe how taking her to a romantic place, which could be a candlelit dinner to enjoy soft music and wine, or to a resort beside the sea where you could see and hear the waves crashing on the shores will draw her closer to you.

Touching her hand in a delicate way is also very romantic way for her to feel you care and respect her. She is very sentimental and may even document the times you were together. Do not be surprised if years later, you can discover a scrapbook among her files and see the dried up remnants of a single flower or a whole bunch which you gave her on a date, wrappers of chocolate, table napkin or some other memento which hold hundreds of memories.

You may have been accustomed to the more liberated women who believe in casual relationships, one night stands, speed dating, or having multiple partners, but most Philippine women are conservative.

It is common practice that if a young Filipina adopts a liberated attitude or does not conduct herself appropriately, she becomes the object of gossip in the neighborhood and the community and it will affect her chances of getting married properly because men will think twice before getting serious with her.


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