Klappz Review 2021: 1st Text-To-Video Software.


Klappz is an all-in-one Video Making Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Video Making Software has a simple interface and is easy to use. Klappz Video Making Software provides end-to-end solutions for all businesses and industries. Klappz Video Making Software helps with AI Text to Video,Text-to-Speech and Video Making Tool.

What are the Features of Klappz?

Here are some of the most common Klappz features:

  1. Turn any text into a video.
  2. Neuromorphic Voice Technology.
  3. Dual Speecher: Reading of the text by 2 voices.
  4. Up to 354 different voices in 52 languages.
  5. 30 Million built-in background images.
  6. 2 Million embedded background videos.
  7. Integrated background music.
  8. With or without: Voice over / Text.
  9. Kinetic: reinforces understanding by 30%.
  10. MP4 files compatible with all software.
  11. Your articles on Youtube, spotify, deezer, insta, infinite…
  12. Very Easy to Use: 15 seconds of work per article.

How does Klappz work?

Klappz is primarily used for AI Text to Video,Text-to-Speech and Video Making Tool. It has an intuitive interface and is simple to use. In Just 3 Clicks You Can Make Any Video:

Just follow these 3 steps:

Step1: Paste Your Article Or Text.

Step2: Choose Country And Voices.

Step3: Customize Color Logo and photos. 

Finally, Create Pro Videos That Capture Attention And Convert From Text In Only 15 Seconds ?!

How to use Klappz?

Get started with Klappz in 6 simple steps:

  • Buy Klappz online and get the login credentials.Install Klappz on your device (on-premise)/ Directly login through the Klappz website (web-based).
  • Sign up on the Klappz portal
  • Create your account using Klappz login credentials
  • Add users & assign permission
  • Get started with Klappz

Klappz Pricing

Right Now Klappz is giving 85% discount on its price so you need to hurry up. Its normal price is $149/month but now Klappz is available at $149 for lifetime.

Is It Really Worth?

One of klappz AI’s best features is that it allows you to create videos for any type of audience. Whether this means people in one country or across the world, klappz can help your business connect with others easily and quickly!

klappz has subtitles available in all types of languages — making it easy for people around the world to connect with each other through klappz created content. klappz AI is a powerful tool for marketers — and can help anyone who wants to create engaging videos quickly and efficiently! With this tool you can easily make money online.

Text to Video Software: Creating Quick and Efficient Videos klappz has subtitles available in all types of languages- making it easy for people around the world to connect with each other through klappz created content. klappz AI is a powerful tool for marketers- and can help anyone who wants to create engaging videos quickly and efficiently!

List of Available Voices: Klappz AI Review

Pros And Cons Of Klappz


  1. Time Saving Tool: You don’t need to create a video separately. With this tool just copy paste you written content and Klappz AI will make a video for you.
  2. Tool is not that much costly. 


  1. The only con is it is only available on its official website. P.S: BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS OF SAME LOOKING WEBSITE. klapzz.me is its official website.

Final Conclusion Of Klappz AI Software Review

Klappz is a very useful product for those who write content and at the same time make videos. This software can save your time. Price is also not that much high that anyone can’t afford it. 

Frequently Asked Questions : Klappz Review

  1. Is there a guarantee ?

    We’re confident that you’ll love your purchase, but if for any reason you don’t we offer a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.
  2. How Klappz works ?

    Klappz is a cloud-based video rendering platform that allows anyone to create video content of any length without having to worry about how it’s going to be rendered. Klappz’s artificial intelligence analyses your content once you’ve finished editing your podcast and launched neuromorphic analysis, and then generates all of the production files needed to render it. Finally, your order is divided into dozens of pieces, each of which is processed simultaneously by several servers, when you run a final render.
  3. Is it compatible with my computer ?

    Klappz works on Mac, PC, Tablets and even Smartphones! As our servers are working, you can use Klappz with any computer as long as it has an internet connection.
  4. Can Klappz be used for vocals only ?

    Yes, absolutely, and it couldn’t be easier! Klappz provides an MP4 video file as a result of launching your final rendering: You can import your MP4 video file and convert the audio to MP3 using any video editing software. Platforms like Spotify, which allow podcasts, accept MP4 files and automatically convert them to MP3.
  5. Is it 149$ every Month or just once ?

    The LifeTime offer at 149$ is a single payment without any subscription or renewal. The deal can be yours if you act now! This exceptional opportunity will not last long. So make sure to sign up before it’s gone for good with our limited time only promotion!

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