Important Tips For Designing Business Cards


Your business cards can speak volumes about you. People, can know a lot of things based on the way the business cards look, and the information provided in them. If you intend to make a good first impression on the people you meet, you need to make sure that your business cards are designed to reflect your personality in the best possible manner. If the business card can help you in making a good first impression, it will be easier for you to proceed with your business deals, or expand your professional network. Thus, it is important that you carefully design them.

You must also make sure the design of your card stands out above the rest. It should be an original and fresh design so that it will present a professional image of you or your company. If the design seems to be copied or heavily ‘inspired’ by common designs available in the world of commerce, it will fail to create a good impression. The people who get the card will feel that you lack in originality and innovation. The design has to be creative, original and innovative so that it is able to create an impact on the minds of the readers.

Here are a few more tips that will be helpful:

1) Choose the size carefully– when it comes to business cards, size does matter. If the cards are too big, they will not fit in the wallets of most people. On the other hand, if they are too small, they will not provide you with enough space to write all that is needed. Hence, you need to opt for the standard size used by most people to create them. It will ensure that the cards fit in people’s wallets and they also provide you with the space to include all your information.

2) Select the right colors- it is not a bad idea to make them colorful but you cannot make them look funny or untidy, as they will be deemed unprofessional. The color combination will go a long way in determining if the business cards will be able to create a good first impression. Thus, you have to choose the colors carefully. Use a color which clearly represents your personality, and your line of business or profession. Also, it is advisable that you choose a lighter color for the background and a darker color for the letters and numbers.

3) Use good printing paper– all the above mentioned steps will be meaningless if the business cards are not printed on good quality paper. If you try to be cheap and save money on printing paper, people will feel that you are not very serious about what you do and they also feel that you are not reliable. Hence, you should only opt for good quality paper so that your cards make a good first impression on the people. The paper used should neither be too thick nor too think and should also fit in people’s wallets.


Source by Navid Ahmed

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