How to Seduce Any Man – The Innocence Technique


1. When you really like a guy, the first thing you do is, of course, is to look at him! So, why not use this moment to immediately try to ‘hook him’ to you? Some people call it the ‘Innocence Technique’, so others call it the ‘French technique’, but there is no real official name for it. What it is, though, it’s something that works in that it imprints a strong interest and curiosity in him towards you.

So, what do you do exactly? You start by giving him sidelong glances, almost by chance, and then you look at him more intently. When he looks back at you, you look down, smile and pretend to be a little embarrassed, in an innocent way rather than in a clumsy way, of course. You see it often in period movies, and men’s curiosity is peaked by this action. Then, you can look at him again and repeat this a few times; he’ll definitely get the hint that you two have entered the flirting zone

2. When you are talking to each other, even in a group situation (so you don’t have to already be dating him at all), even in a business environment, try to touch him in a very casual, as if by accident. Touch his hand if you can, lightly (he’ll notice, don’t worry!). If he makes a great point, of if he says something funny, or something really interesting, touch him casually, whilst you are talking otherwise. The key is to make it look completely casual. Don’t do it too often but do it often enough so that he gets it.

The parts to touch are his hand and his arm. Those areas are not too provocative but good enough to instill the flirtatious mode in him and give him the right signals, as well as create a bit of sensual tension which men like.


Source by Jules Monty

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