How To Make Money Online From Home Without Investment?

Today there are lots of articles, videos you can get on easy ways to make money as a college student, how to make money online from home without investment, get paid daily through your cell phone and lot more stuff like this.


This article is not like that. Here you will find new and unique ways to make money online. We will cover every method of making money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new to the online world or having years of experience. This article is for everyone of you.

So let’s start and gain some precious knowledge and make some money.

Before starting i want to tell you something. If you thinks you can get a quick rich scheme in this article then my friend its not for you. I don’t say you cannot rich overnight and its only possible with trading which needs some investment. But Trading is highly risky. I won’t prefer you to directly trade with real money.

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Ways Of Making Money Online

There are many different ways through which you can make money online in 2021. You can sell stuff to make money, invest money online and earn daily, sell idea online, post ad and earn money, sell your skills online, create an online tool website, create an online business and many other ways.

Top businesses that you can start today with ZERO INVESTMENT and earn $1,000/ Day are:

Let’s take every business One by One and take some deep knowledge.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and effective way to make money online from home without investment. In affiliate marketing you don’t need to have a product or buy a product. You can do affiliate marketing in just Three Simple Steps:

  • Join Affiliate Network
  • Promote Your Affiliate Link
  • Keep Commission In Your pocket

Looks easy ??

But frankly speaking it not that much easy. Joining affiliate network is not a big deal. Promoting and Getting Traffic to your affiliate link is big deal. There are many GURUS who make sell their courses on affiliate marketing. Some of them will give you value and some are not.

If you want to do affiliate marketing, i will suggest you first grab knowledge from wherever you want. There are lot of videos available on Youtube. Read articles on our site or on another site.

Platform You Can Join To Start Affiliate Marketing

Well nowadays mostly everyone online business have their own affiliate program. Like Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace and its also have a affiliate program which provides commission from $15 to $100 per new paid sign up with your affiliate link. Here is the list of affiliate program which you can join today and starting earning you first $100.

Courses which i recommend ( Only if you want to Invest )

  1. John Crestani – Super Affiliate Program
  2. $1k a day fast track Course – Merlin Holmes
  3. The Native Ads Master Class Course ( VERY EFFECTIVE & Value FOR MONEY PACKAGE )

I recommend only these Three but you can also try many other on

2) Drop Shipping / Drop Servicing

Drop shipping and Drop servicing are based on same model. In this business model, if you don’t have any skill or product you can still make money by using someone else material. Not Getting my point??

Let me clear this. Suppose you want open an ecommerce store. The most important thing is product which i imagine you don’t have. So you find a company or store which allows you sell their product and take a commission as middle man.

In drop shipping you sell someone else products and take commission as a middle man & In drop servicing you find someone who give the same service you want to offer at a low price. After find someone you charge some more bucks than him and take that as a commission.

Some Niche Based Platform Which I Recommend For Drop Shipping

  1. – If you want to start a women’s wardrobe online store, you can check this out. Best part of this platform is its free. That means you don’t need to pay any membership fees or annual fees.
  2. AliExpress – Ali express is all in one platform but their deliver time is too much high. Also it don’t have any membership fees.
  3. – Eprolo provides you a wide range of fashion & clothing, Beauty & health and lot more stuff.

Some Niche Based Platform Which I Recommend For Drop Servicing

  1. Fiverr
  2. Seoclerks

All of these are basically freelancing sites, their service starts from $5 min for any service which you want to serve. So you can make $50 – $100 easily depending on what type of service you are offering.

These all businesses needs some online presence. So you have to buy a DOMAIN & Web HOSTING. Actually its better for you also. You will make your own Brand. And who knows you can reach your brand level like google or facebook or twitter.

3) Freelancing

Freelancing Or Freelancer – As the name itself says FREE that means you are free from boss. You will be your own boss. But that doesn’t mean you can don’t need to work. Actually a freelancer must be more professional and punctual.

You have the choice of what you want to do or what skills you have. You can join highly reputed freelancing sites or you can build your own portfolio. Its up to you.

Freelancing Sites You Can Join Today


4) Online Business

In this pandemic situation, every business runs their business online and work from home. Every offline business wants to go online. You can build your own online business and generate $1000 per day. Some online business you can consider are:

  1. Credit Repair Business: Its a very effective and profitable business. And the best part of it is you can do it with a software. Check this out and start today.
  2. Web Designing Agency: As you know after this pandemic and lockdown, every offline business needs to go online and online business means you must have a website. So you can build website for them.
  3. Digital Marketing Agency: Building a website is not a only thing which leads to success of business. Proper SEO and marketing must be done to make it profitable.

5) Youtube

I hope you know very well about youtube. Youtube could be a great source of income. Make video of whatever you want but keeping youtube policies in mind.

After completing a milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time you are eligible for youtube partner program and place ads in your videos.

You can also place your affiliate links in your video description. This way you can double your income. Also Check this man guiding to make Dollars from youtube.

Final Words

See making money online is not a hard nut to crack. You can make millions of dollars per day but you have some patience and consistency. There is lot more competition in this online world. You can’t neglect but you can beat them by using right tools & techniques.

If you like this article, Tell me in comments. Keep learning and Earn