How to Get a Guy to Like You Even After He Rejects You – 7 Useful Ways to Make Him Reconsider You


It’s a surprise that you still want to be with a guy who has already rejected you. But then, if you believe that he’s still the one for you even after his major rejection, here are some tips that could make him think again:

Take a deep breath before you do anything rash.

Having been rejected, the best thing that you could do right now is to take a breather. Think whether you would look desperate if you pursue this man. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to make him take a second look at you? Or are you having second thoughts about your ability to attract him? Consider all this things before you set out and carry out your plan.

Make a better second impression.

This guy might have been unimpressed by you when he first saw you. This is the perfect time to let him see that you’re the best woman out there. This man needs to see that even after you were rejected, you still have a cheerful spirit to get up and pick up the pieces. The last thing that he expects from you right now is to see you up and about – with a big smile on your face!

Never show him that he was right to reject you.

Don’t display your curt behavior because he’d only think that he was right to have rejected you in the first place. Acting bitter about the rejection would only confirm your bad character. Instead, show him that you still have your dignity even after what he did.

Be the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen.

So what if he rejected you the first time? Get a new look and make him repent for having rejected you! You will get a lot of attention, not only from this man, but also from hundreds of other guys who would even line up to get to know you.

Don’t act like you own him.

The very last thing that you should do is to nag or cling. Primarily, you don’t have the right to act like this in front of the guy! He’s not your boyfriend. Also, these acts would only drive him farther and farther away from you.

Never cut your line of communication.

Even if he has rejected you, he must see that you still have the decency to communicate with him. Just be casual when you talk with him. He has to see that though you’re okay after the rejection, that you’re also not happy about the demeaning incident that just happened.

Try to erase your not-so-good qualities.

If you’ve assessed yourself and you see several qualities that aren’t so nice, then you should take the time to change those things. Denying that there are ugly things about you will only worsen the situation with him. Change for the better, and perhaps, he would begin to see that he was wrong for ditching you.


Source by Krista Hiles

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