How Cable Staples Work – Uses and Advantages


Cable staples are quite different from the ordinary staples. These staple guns or devices are mainly used to fasten and secure different types of wires and cables. Used to fasten telephone wires, electrical wires and DSL cables, these are quite efficient and useful in a number of ways.

It is also used to secure or fasten strips and ropes that are used to bind cargo materials. It is important to bind transportable goods tightly so that it is not damaged. Cable staples can be used to tie these materials tightly and securely. Today there are different types of guns available in many of the online and offline stores that can be used for various purposes.

Different Uses of Cable Staples

The wire guns are used for a variety of purposes in various industries. Some of the most significant uses of these staple include:

Used for carpet laying

Audio cabinet

Upholstery operation





Picture framing

Interior trim and vinyl roofs

TV and stereo grille cloth

Working of a Cable Staple

The wire staplers are entirely different from the ordinary staples. The working technique of these staplers also differs from ordinary staplers. Ordinary staplers are used to bind paper, cloth, cartons, wooden sheets and so forth but the wire staple guns are used to bind cables and wires. These have gears which can be operated with levers. The wires or cables are tightened by pulling the levers. It is therefore widely used to tighten telephone and electric wires effectively.

Compared to the manual technique of tightening wires and cables, these mechanical devices are more efficient and useful. The two most important components of a cable staple are the lever and the gear. The lever is considered to be the power source of the gun. These obtains mechanical energy to function by pulling the lever of the gun. Every staple has a clamp which is used to hold the wires and also serves as a place of insertion. Some of the staple guns have heavy clamps which hold the wires tightly beneath them.

The cable staples have many advantages compared to the ordinary staple guns. It is known to be the fastest staple gun which can be used for a huge variety of purposes. It seldom requires any kind of previous experience and skill for operation. As it is light-weighted, it can be handled easily. These staple guns seldom require any type of lubrication and it is quite well-balanced. It is very precise and accurate compared to the other staple guns.

Today these are available in a huge range of varieties with different accessories to suit individual requisites. There are many online stores that supply a huge variety of staple guns which can be used to tighten wires and cords. Since it is used for a wide variety of purposes including cars, upholstery and insulation, these are in huge demand today.


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