Fix-it-up – Kate’s Adventure Game Review


Think of some businesses that weren’t yet depicted in a time management game and I bet you’ll find less of the obvious ones. Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure is a time management game about a business that many casual game developers had missed out, a car rental and customization shop. This time, the game stars a girl named Kate, and her unparalleled love for cars.

In Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure, Kate had just come back to town to work for his father’s beat-down car rental and service center. However, it really won’t be much of an adventure if Kate will be planting her roots in just one town, and that’s why she’s off to make use of her talents on various places across the nation. You have to follow our heroine and help her reach her goal of being the best. That means being the richest too, since in business, money is the way all of them keep score.

Your objective for each level of the game is summarized in the goals menu at the left side of the screen. Complete all of the goals within the time limit and you’ll be able to clear the level. Goals will have you dragging cars all over the shop. Waxing, repairing and tuning cars are just some of the many tasks you will be asked to complete. And for you to earn money, either you keep them parked for rent or put them up for sale.

Buying and selling cars is an exercise when you need big money and the trick is always to buy low and sell high. Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure helps you determine the best deals by showing you if the deal is great or unfair and a fine array of car information so that you’ll know what you can improve for the car after you bought it. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of clearing the goals within time, or if you’re up to the challenge, complete them within Prime Time, the yellow bar of the game clock you can reach if you want extra free upgrades done on your shop after each level.


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