Are Your Business Cards Recognisable With the Industry?


Your business cards are your professional identity card that must establish you as a notable example in your industry. These stationeries help you expand your network with marketers, clients, potential associates, suppliers or even suitable candidate to work for your organisation. They give your introduction in the circle wherein you need to be known, contacted and build professional networks. Especially places and events that gather and co-ordinate merchants, consumers, suppliers, professionals and specialists, your business cards are the essential tool to introduce yourself as an ace in your niche. Therefore, your stationery must be consistent to the industry and complement to the image or colours of the products or services you are selling with.

The main objective of a business card is to push your clients and acquaintances to do business with your company. Each industry has a unique identity in the market and you need to design your card in such a way that communicates to the targeted audience. Your stationery must be able to convey them that “it is here what you are looking for”. It must clearly articulate the vision and values of your company through specific designing, choice of materials, ink, cutting and size, shapes, inclusion of special effects and attributes etc.

Various types sectors such as government, corporate, trade, consumer products, service based industry have individual profile and image. People anticipate some degree of consistency to the image set in their vision. For example, they anticipate juices of creativity and style in the cards of advertising agencies, public relation professionals (such as radio jockey), graphic designer or other types of designers. Likewise, a lawyer, doctor, tax consultant etc., service providers’ cards usually happen to be sober and printed on white, grey, beige base.

For proper presentation of your company incorporate the logo, branding message, achievements or certifications (of such as ISO:9001), special symbols to your business cards integrated to the name of the company. Do not forget to refer the URL of your website for engaging people to your website and facilitate them with faster access and easier mode of communicating, participating and purchasing from you.


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