Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading my 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

I’m excited to possess you here because I can see you’re curious about online marketing/affiliate marketing as thanks to make money from home. I enjoy writing about this subject too because it’s one among the foremost profitable online businesses today.

If you’re like Pine Tree State, you’ve additionally checked out quite one affiliate promoting program and located out (the exhausting way) that a lot of of the coaching programs and systems out there area unit scams.

I know it’s particularly exhausting once you lose money… to not mention wasting it slow and energy on one thing you hope would earn you tons of cash, however does not…

So, let’s ascertain along if this one is legit or simply another scam.

In this review, I’m planning to cowl the following:

  • What is 12 Minute Affiliate?
  • Who is Devon Brown?
  • Is twelve Minute Affiliate a Scam?
  • How will twelve Minute Affiliate Work?
  • Reviews and Complaints
  • What i prefer concerning twelve Minute Affiliate
  • What I Don’t Like concerning It
  • Where does one Go From Here?

Disclaimer: Please note, i’m not a member or Associate in Nursing affiliate for twelve Minute Affiliate. This review has been researched with data and/or testimonials that area unit offered on-line within the property right. Any recommendations and/or conclusions area unit strictly opinions and should not apply to, or accept as true with, all persons or things. See full disclaimer for additional information

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

They make it sound so straightforward on their sales page…

12 Minute Affiliate could be a Done-For-You (DFY) Affiliate promoting system created by net vendor Devon Brown – and being a done-for-you system, all the toil is purportedly done by the twelve Minute Affiliate team.

So, once you buy this product, all you really need to do is about it up and stay up for your affiliate commissions to return back in. a minimum of that’s however it’s being marketed. It’s a claim that strikes a chord in my memory of get-rich-quick schemes like Club money Fund.

Right now, their system is promoting  ClickBank  merchandise.  ClickBank  could be a honored marketplace for ebooks, courses and plenty of alternative programs… thusme sensible and a few not so sensible. however ClickBank itself is 100 % legit.

Another promise created by their sales page (and its creator) is that this is often a newbie-friendly program. It works for beginners and troubled net marketers alike.

You can see it within the name of their program: 12Minute Affiliate. They’re giving us the impression it’ll solely take twelve minutes to line up, and… 12 minutes of work each day may be enough. All this simplicity and you’ll get the much-coveted “passive financial gain whereas you sleep” factor.

I know it sounds too sensible to be true… so stick with Pine Tree State (and we’ll get to the lowest of this).

Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown or @TheDevonBrown (the name he uses during a number of his social media accounts) is that the creator of twelve Minute Affiliate.

He’s additionally plenty of alternative things – a Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Success Coach, Speaker, Emcee, and Hip-Hop dancer (just to call a few). I found those descriptions on his social media profile whereas checking to look at if he was a real person.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Devon Brown Needless to mention,

Devon Brown is actually a true person. He contains a legit social media presence with thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram etc. he is additionally a attractive speaker and Entrepreneur – this is often a decent sign.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Unlike such a big amount of scams out there, 12 Minute Affiliate is surpass a true person with a true on-line presence, thus it’s safe to assume it’s not a scam.

However, that does not mean 12 Minute Affiliate is that the straightforward answer to your money troubles. we want to analyze more to examine if their guarantees and our expectations will actually achieve the results we’re looking/hoping for.

My immediate considerations are truth value and also the probabilities of success as a result of seldom (if ever) will a big cash creating chance return around that solely needs minutes to supply results.

Having aforementioned that, more difficult or not… twelve Minute Affiliate isn’t a scam.

It does cost money to join though and if your financial situation isn’t great, you can earn some cash (which helps to join 12 minute system) with things like online surveys.

Sites like surveyjunkie.com and swagbucks.com are free to be part of and while they certainly won’t make you rich, they will be a straightforward thanks to start on-line.

They can even be a stepping stone to one thing additional serious like an internet business.

You may be reception owing to difficulties along with your health for instance, or young ones to appear when. perhaps you  don’t like working for someone else.

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you would like, knowing how and where to urge started is what you would like so as to urge what you would like.

How will 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

In this section, I’m planning to describe however 12 Minute Affiliate works and re-examine a number of the explanations may (or may not) work as a money-making chance.

Steps to exploitation the twelve Minute Affiliate Program

1. get the merchandise – clearly clearly 

2. register to your account.

3. Set the system up – which can involve the following:

Creating your affiliate account with ClickBank

 Setting up your autoresponder

Driving traffic to your landing pages

4. Earn affiliate commissions (the half you are waiting for).

How the 12 Minute Affiliate System Makes

Now, let’s cite the “make-money” half. Here area unit the ways utilized by twelve Minute Affiliate that change you to earn affiliate commissions on auto-pilot:

1. You’ll be supplied with landing pages (equivalent to websites) once you be part of twelve Minute Affiliate. You get to decide on from three niches – Home Business (this includes creating cash Online), Weight Loss (one of the largest sub-niches in Health), and private Development.

2. You’ll connect your landing/funnel page to your email autoresponder (you’ll got to buy this, so note that this is often another cost to you). found out is straightforward (they have instructions in their members’ area), but you’ll prefer to pay alittle fee to possess them roll in the hay for you.

3. They’ll offer you pre-written emails that you’ll import to your autoresponder. These emails can contain promotional merchandise that are pre-selected by the system.

4. Get traffic by shopping for it (this is another else value to you). Your traffic can mechanically be sent to your landing pages. At this time, I’d prefer to create it clear that you’re solely shopping for clicks, not opt-ins, thus you actually don’t shrewdness many folks can buy your email list once they get there.

This can be a heavy danger with paid traffic as a result of you fully cannot create assumptions or be sure the traffic you pay money for can lead to sales. In alternative words, it’s entirely attainable to pay tons of (even thousands) of greenbacks and not get one sale.

12 Minute Affiliate provides their own traffic supply however once more, there’s no guarantee this traffic are going to be profitable.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Paid Traffic ( PIC)

5. You’ll earn affiliate commissions once folks get any of the merchandise you’re promoting (your emails escort your ClickBank affiliate link). Gratuitous to mention, having an outsized email list can offer you additional probabilities of commerce one thing.

What you must know

I know, everything I’ve aforementioned to this point sounds promising. however excavation deeper we discover some stuff you ought to additionally apprehend…

Disclaimer – As mentioned earlier, there don’t seem to be guarantees, and 12 Minute Affiliate agrees.

At the lowest of their sales page could be a disclaimer that claims they’re not guaranteeing you’ll earn cash with their product. They said your earning potential can rely on you and also the efforts you place into your on-line business. For me, their disclaimer is language that their product isn’t absolute to work for everybody. Well, i feel it’s like that for any business anyway…

The 12 Minutes 

This one i actually realize exhausting to believe. For me, it’s such a turn-off that they’re promoting a product that (supposedly) may be discovered and running among twelve minutes. though everything is simply filling up blanks and copy/pasting, i feel it’ll take quite twelve minutes to complete everything properly. dashing will solely result in errors, thus I’m not an addict of that 12-minute promotional material.

Email Autoresponder 

Ok, you wish Associate in Nursing autoresponder to handle your emails (so you’ll channelise promotional emails to your subscribers/customers). Note that this is often not enclosed within the twelve Minute Affiliate package, thus you’ll got to pay money for it individually. They’re exploitation Aweber, and this prices $19/month for your 1st five hundred subscribers. Aweber contains a 30-day period of time, thus you’ll use that together with your 14-day period of time with twelve Minute Affiliate. however when thirty days, you’ll be charged $19 per month.

  • Paid Traffic – affirmative, you wish traffic to achieve success along with your Affiliate promoting efforts – and twelve Minute Affiliate contains a constitutional traffic supply. you’ll get traffic from them in order that you’ll build your list and (hopefully) create sales. Here area unit some stuff you ought to comprehend their traffic strategy: – 

– You’ll got to pay money for traffic (you can even pick free traffic, however you’ll got to manually work for it).

 – There’s no guarantee that the traffic can convert into consumers (remember their disclaimer).

 – You don’t apprehend wherever your traffic is coming back from (you’re simply shopping for from their system).


Expect upsells once you’re within the member’s space. For the membership, you get to decide on from two options:

 – Basic membership: You’re obtaining the essential membership once you 1st check in to them. this is often priced at $47 per month or a one-time fee of $397. 
– Gold membership: this may value you $97 per month or a one-time fee of $797.

The main distinction between the essential and Gold membership is that the variability of niches that you simply simply will use on your online business. confine mind the three niches I talked concerning before (Home Business, Weight Loss, Personal Development)?

within the essential membership platform, you’re solely allowed one niche.However you’re allowed all three niches you are a gold member.

Trial Period 

 12 Minute Affiliate is material possession you check drive their product for fourteen days (for $9.95). they are saying that if you prefer the program, you’ll keep it for fewer than the value of a cup of low on a daily basis. Please know that they’re not giving it to you for free… you’ll got to pay $47 per month to stay exploitation the system.

Possible problems with 12 Minute Affiliate

While i feel the twelve Minute Affiliate product is legit and not a scam, I do foresee some attainable problems with it. To be clear, several of those area unit problems you will find with several legit programs like CB Passive financial gain for instance . 

Some would possibly do one factor higher than twelve Minute Affiliate, however come short elsewhere. thus these don’t seem to be specific criticisms, but rather, things to contemplate thus you’ve got a additional complete image.

1. You Are all captivated with Their Program

whereas their done-for-you program makes the complete affiliate selling factor appear easier, you’re perpetually captivated with their system. On them. ought to they disappear or close, your on-line business are gone with them.

2. No coaching

Bear in mind, their done-for-you system will it all for you. So, if #1 happens (they disappear or shut down), you would possibly not have the talents and coaching to start out your business everywhere once more. Done-for-you sounds sensible, till you run into issues.

3. Is It for Newbies?

I would not say twelve Minute Affiliate is secured for newbies (at least, not in my opinion). i do know they’re speech communication it’s newbie-friendly (and typically speaking, done-for-you systems are), however they need Associate in Nursing on the market choice to let their team do the originated for you (in case you can’t do it). So, for a few newbies… it is not that simple and you’ll have to be compelled to pay a bit a lot of to induce rolling.

Also, newbies do not have Associate in Nursing existing audience. whereas you’ll be able to obtain traffic and build your audience (which is that the hardest a part of obtaining the ball rolling), programs like twelve Minute Affiliate square measure only if you have already got social media following or email list.

So that doesn’t suggest it is not novice friendly, it simply suggests that the price and time it takes to examine results is considerably longer than their selling could recommend.

4. Pre-Selected merchandise to market

I actually don’t grasp if you’ll be snug promoting/selling merchandise that you simply didn’t select yourself, and haven’t any plan if they’re sensible or not.

As way as earning cares, {they square measure|they’re} possible high-converting as they’ve been chosen by Devon Brown and his team (who are specialists during this kind of thing).
However that does not mean they’re nice merchandise that deliver on their on guarantees.

5. Limited Templates

If you were to use build your own web site using WordPress or ClickFunnels for instance, you’d have loads of templates and choices to decide on from, and create your web site really distinctive.

With 12 Minute Affiliate but, they need restricted templates to decide on from for your landing page (so you’ll find yourself with a constant landing pages each different member is using).

6. Competition is High – whereas done-for-you systems create it simple, your competition among different twelve Minute Affiliate members are high. And, if everyone seems to be obtaining (and using) constant traffic supply and landing pages, there’s a decent likelihood you’re promoting constant merchandise victimization constant templates to constant audience.

7. Unknown Traffic supply – i actually haven’t any plan wherever twelve Minute Affiliate is obtaining their traffic. As i discussed earlier, I even have no reason to question the integrity or sincerity of Devon Brown, however the price of traffic adds up and sadly, the sole thanks to resolve if it’s any sensible is to shop for it 1st. There are not any refunds on paid traffic.

8. Money to pay – associated with the last purpose, to induce prior the sport, you’ll got to have a major budget to shop for traffic. And bear in mind their disclaimer – you must be willing to lose the cash you set into the system.

So again… to be clear, all of those points square measure common to several make-money-online programs. If you are simply obtaining started on-line, these square measure the items you’ll be wanting to contemplate once evaluating any system, course or program… not simply twelve Minute Affiliate.

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the nice things regarding employing a ClickBank product is that you simply will depend upon their 60-day a refund guarantee. this can be quite generous guarantee and it’s provided by ClickBank, not the merchandise owners/creators.

Of course, to induce a refund, you need to pay it 1st and you’ll not be in a very position immediately to pay cash.

If that is the case you’ll be able to additionally create cash with on-line survey sites that square measure absolve to be a part of.

Research firms like Survey Junkie pays you for your opinion, and Swag usd is another web site that rewards their members for doing little tasks on-line.

Of course, you will not be kicking back on a beach all day or driving a Lambo with on-line survey financial gain.

However if you’ve got ne’er created cash on-line before, they’ll be a straightforward start line that does not need a commitment or having to step outside your temperature.

For one thing a lot of serious, sort of a full-time financial gain from home, a web business is also what you are looking for.

Making cash from home may well be one thing you wish thanks to a health issue for instance, or youngsters to seem once.
You’ll simply be uninterested in your daily grind and looking out for one thing new.

What i favor regarding 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Devon Brown includes a sensible name – i feel having a decent name says loads a few person and his products/creations.
  • Legit product – other than having a done-for-you system, your membership will grant you access to their Facebook support cluster. It presently has over cardinal members – thus you’ll certainly get loads of support from fellow users of the twelve Minute Affiliate system.
  • You don’t would like an internet site or hosting arrange – Landing pages (and hosting) square measure enclosed within the package.
    12 Minute Affiliate Review 100K Affiliate Marketers set.

What i do not Like

  • No coaching – This program won’t equip you with correct coaching on a way to build your on-line business from scratch.
  • Expensive – $47 per month for their basic plan is expensive when you also include the cost of an email autoresponder and most importantly. paid traffic.
  • Their Gold arrange is even costlier at $97 per month.
  • No web site of your own – You’ll be victimization their system and can be beneath their hosting plan. On one hand that is sensible as a result of it makes it easier for you.

On the opposite hand, websites measure thought of valuable assets lately and not solely can you not own one among your own, if one thing were to happen to twelve Minute Affiliate, you’d lose access to the one they’re providing you with.

Where does one Go From Here?

Since 12 Minute Affiliate could be a legit affiliate selling product, I’m positive it’ll work for a few folks. The question is whether or not it’s for you and solely you’ll be able to answer that question.

It will depend upon your goals, objectives and after all… your budget.

You’ve currently learned several of the execs and cons having browse this review. you furthermore might grasp the prices concerned which your success isn’t secured. If it works for you financially although, twelve Minute Affiliate is also price your thought.

And, the great factor regarding affiliate selling is that it very works. Done-for-you systems and different sorts of “shortcuts” but, square measure typically unreliable and unsustainable in my opinion. that is simply my two-cents for what it’s price.

That doesn’t mean you cannot create cash on-line although…

You might be a student in class or one parent reception. you’ll have medical problems that interfere with regular work. Or, like numerous folks these days… perhaps you are simply sad doing what you have been doing for several years and wish a amendment.

If that is the case, a web business is what you wish.

With all the scams and schemes out there although, knowing however and wherever to induce started the proper manner is what you wish so as to induce what you wish.

If you are simply searching for a straightforward thanks to create some additional hard cash, on-line survey and get-paid-to sites square measure another great way to induce started. And absolve to be a part of.

Sites like Survey Junkie pays you for your opinion and Swag usd offers rewards for doing things like observation videos, visiting websites.

They won’t make you rich, but if you’ve never made money online before, they can be a good first step to bigger things down the road like an online business.

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